Unique to You

About You

You are likely to be either

  • Earning - in your mid to later stages of a successful working life, or
  • Financially Independent - pursuing other interests and activities funded by a secure income and/or your own resources.

Your life may have taken an unexpected change in direction - possibly through

  • A significant inheritance,
  • The loss of a loved one, or
  • The sale of a business.

You are likely to be someone who leads a full and varied life. You may feel you don’t have sufficient knowledge, inclination or time to manage your finances and devote the attention it deserves.

But above all, you are looking for a trusted advisor who will take the time to listen to you, understand what is important to you and align with your values. For this you are willing to pay a professional rate. In exchange, our aim is to deliver peace of mind for you year after year.

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Professional / Executive / Financially Independent

You have either substantial earnings or an income from investments or other sources. But you are worried that there’s little structure to your portfolio.

  • If you are earning, you may have started to build up investments. Now that pension contributions and lifetime benefits allowances are becoming ever more restricted, you’re no longer sure how to build up capital for the future.
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Entrepreneur / Business Owner

You may be thinking of selling your business. Naturally you want to receive the best price. Possibly up to this point you have thought of your business as your pension. Are you finding it difficult to sell for the valuation you have been given? Is this a hassle that you could do without? Do you know the minimum you need to enjoy the lifestyle you have planned? For maybe forty years or more?

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Inherited or Sudden Wealth

You are finding this a life changing event and don’t know how to cope. You need time to rethink your life – which may take quite a while. We are happy to allow you that time.

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