Unique to You

What We Do

We have many years’ experience of helping clients. Our starting point though is to listen to you! Your story and life plans may or may not have similarities with those of other clients, but the differences will almost certainly be greater. That’s why we take the time to find out what makes you tick before helping you build your financial plan. It will be designed to help you achieve your goals and ambitions at times of your choosing. We will help you take as little risk as is necessary and no more than you can tolerate.

Having set up your plan, we help you keep control of it and remain on course over time. Changes can occur at any time and for any reason. By helping you to check and update your plan regularly, more often than not minor adjustments are all that are needed. When more substantial changes occur, we will go back to basics with you so that nothing is missed.
We help you achieve peace of mind about your finances, allowing you to get on with the life you wish to enjoy.

The Lee Strathy Process

  • You Now
    • What Are Your Concerns?

      Something is not right.

      Is it because you don’t have enough time to look after your finances or are overwhelmed by the complexity of it all?

      Do you feel you’re paying too much tax now or will pay too much when you die?

      Or you feel disorganised and don’t know where to turn?

      Is there is a lack of co-ordination between your professional advisers?

      Are you paying too much or not sure what you are paying for?

      Are you worried that your loved ones will have enough money if you die or become unable to look after yourself?

      Is your advisor putting his/her interests before your own?

  • How Can We Help You - Now
  • How We Can Help You - Ongoing
  • You Later